Useful informations for guests


In order to ensure guests a quality stay which is as peaceful as possible, guests must take care to conduct themselves in a quiet an courteous manner, avoiding anything that might constitute disturbance for the other guests present in the B&B.

Please ensure that at all times your conduct does not impinge on the tranquility of others.

In the event of impoverishment, loss, breakage of objects and items due to gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of the guest, the same (or who for it in the case of guests staying on behalf of companies, etc.) will be fully charged for any such items.

Guests are informed that the loss of the keys to the rooms and the apartment will result in a fee for compensation.

Children must always be accompanied by an adult.

We do not accept animals unless previously agreed and authorized by the management. In any case it is absolutely forbidden to leave the animals unattended inside the house and in the rooms. In any case pets are not allowed to stay on beds or sofas.



Any complaint is taken seriously by us and for this reason we ask you not to hesitate to ask or to inform us of any problems or faults.

The management of the B&B La Casa Rossa is exonerated from any kind of responsibility and damages that may come from malicious and/or negligent acts or omissions of other B&B’ guests or third parties in general, also in reference to any damage caused by breaking or tampering, from theft or attempted theft, robbery or cause of fire, which may occur on the B&B property.

The management of the B&B La Casa Rossa is not liable, for any reason, for damages caused by any shortages, loss, damage to objects, precious theft, jewelry, money and anything else left unattended in the areas of the B&B.

We are not responsible for any disruption due to total or partial lack of supplies such as gas, electricity, water or internet connection not dependent on our will.

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